Dogs Run Free In Denver Dog Parks

Dogs were never meant to be cooped up all day, trapped in urban areas, confined to walks on leashes.

Dogs of all sizes, breeds, and personalities were built to run, born to socialize with other dogs, destined to jump and chase and play, and do all of the things that dogs love to do.

But what’s an owner to do, when Denver has a strict leash law that’s strictly enforced? Go to a dog park in Denver or in the Denver metro area, where dogs can be dogs, and owners can rest easy knowing their dogs are safe and happy.

Denver Parks and Recreation has set up six dog parks in Denver:  Stapleton Dog Park, Kennedy Dog Park, Fuller Dog Park, Berkeley Dog Park, Barnum Dog Park, and Green Valley Ranch Dog Park. So, whether you live in northeast Denver or southeast Denver, northwest Denver or southwest Denver, central Denver or the surrounding suburbs, you should be able to find a dog park near you.

If you’ve never been to a Denver dog park, take a minute to read up on the dog park rules and regulations, as well as dog park etiquette.

Then give a whistle or shout, put the pooch in the car, and get ready to make your dog the happiest dog on earth!

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Dog Park News

Chatfield Reservoir and Cherry Creek reservoir are two of the most popular off-leash dog parks in the Denver metro area.

Denver Parks and Recreation have created 6 dog parks in Denver, with three more under construction.

Children under 12 are not allowed in Denver dog parks, and children ages 12-17 must be accompanied by an adult.

Two of the most popular dog parks in the Denver metro area, Cherry Creek State Park and Chatfield State Park, will soon be fenced in and charging a fee for use, a decision made recently by the Colorado State Parks board. Enjoy the open space, for free, while you still can.

With the heat hitting record temperatures, it’s more important than ever that you keep your dogs hydrated while they’re playing at Denver dog parks. Bring your own water, just in case the dog park doesn’t have a fountain and/or it’s not working.

The first rule of dog parks is that you need to keep your eye on your dogs as they’re socializing with other dogs.


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