Dog Friendly Parks In Denver, Colorado

The following parks in Denver are “dog friendly,” meaning  you’ll find a lot of dogs enjoying the parks on leash, and sometimes in renegade play groups off leash.

Just a reminder about Denver’s leash laws: Your dog must be on leash, and under your control at all times (unless the dog is inside an authorized Denver dog park).

Cheesman Park – located in central Denver’s Cheesman Park neighborhood, near downtown Denver, this park has great walking trails, a few drinking fountains, and a large open space in the middle of the park. Between 5:00 and 6:00 each night, dog owners who like to skirt the law can be seen gathering at the north end of the park, usually far away from other people, socializing their dogs.

Congress Park – located in Denver’s Congress Park neighborhood, just north of Cherry Creek, this small park has a wide expanse of lawn. North of the rocks stairs that serve as bleachers, some dog owners like to play catch with their dogs. In the park, there’s a drinking fountain near the restrooms, which are by the swimming pool and tennis courts.

Washington Park – located in Denver’s Washington Park neighborhood, near Bonnie Brae, this big park is a great place to do laps (on roller blades or a bike) with your dog. The lakes in the middle, which are often full of ducks, might provide a distraction, but the smooth pavement and “no cars” policy is worth the risk. Drinking fountains and restrooms are scattered throughout the park.

City Park – located in Denver’s City Park neighborhood, next to the Museum of Nature And Science and the Denver Zoo, City Park is one of the city’s jewels. City Park has wide open spaces, paved trails, majestic trees, lots of drinking fountains and restrooms, and a large lake.

Veteran’s Park – this little-known gem of a Denver park is located in Denver’s Washington Park neighborhood, just east of South High School, near the I-25 and University Boulevard exit. A paved trail around the small park is a great place to jog with your dog, without the risk of running into other dogs (there’s rarely anyone at the park, humans or canines).

West High School – the baseball field at West High School (near Speer Boulevard and 11th Avenue) often attracts dog owners, many of whom live in the nearby Parkway apartments.


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